The Homecoming

Help Walt Disney World respond to a letter from Master Sergeant Steve Warner, a veteran who never opened up about his time in Vietnam.


We partnered with artist Mike Leavitt to create The Steve Warner Action Figure, an exact replica of Steve, including uniform and medals. Then we surprised Steve by selecting him as Veteran of the Day at the WDW Flag Ceremony, an iconic event that takes place on Main St.

We worked with director John X. Carey to create a short documentary of Steve’s story. It was shared across various social channels, garnering over a million views and impressions. It also ushered in a slew of support and encouragement for Steve, a man who finally got the homecoming he needed, years after the war.

  • Role Concept & Art Direction

  • For Walt Disney World

  • Date November 2017

  • URL

  • Senior Copywriter Amina Halim //

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